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by American Biosciences

About the product
  • ImmPower Gives You a Super Charged Immune System! Increase your immune system with ImmPower and watch your health rise.
  • ImmPower is an immune system vitamin that is scientfically proven to increase Natural Killer cell activity by over 300%.
  • In today’s world, you are constantly under attack by pollution, deadly toxins, microorganisms, pesticides, smog, and other chemicals.
  • You need a powerful, fortified, razor-sharp immune system to protect yourself against toxins.
  • When you arm your immune system with ImmPower, it’s like having the National Guard stationed at the front door to your body.

About American BioSciences, Inc.
Our goal is to help people enhance their lives and health with the most effective, natural dietary supplements that are supported by outstanding research.

We put helping people over selling products, and encourage consumers who want to use our products to become knowledgeable about their health conditions. We also encourage consumers to consult with doctors that specialize in natural medicine in order to take advantage of their clinical experience.

Educated consumers that use our products with guidance, for the right purposes, appropriately, and for the right periods of time are our best customers AND get the best value for their investment.

American BioSciences is working with universities and research organizations around the world to bring new natural-therapy options to consumers, and the doctors and retailers who support those individuals. Our products are available in the United States and internationally. We have several outstanding natural health supplements that are currently available, and many others in the final stages of research, development, and approval, which we look forward to making available in the near future.

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