American Biosciences NK-9 Immune System Support – 30 ct


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American Biosciences NK-9 Immune System Support – 30 ct
by American Biosciences

  • HARNESS THE POWER OF AHCC – As the active ingredient in NK-9, AHCC is a fermented mushroom hybrid that is so potent, numerous scientific studies have established it as one of the most powerful – and safe – immune enhancers available.
  • PROVEN IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR PETS – Similar to humans, our pets’ immune systems can be compromised and overwhelmed as they age. To maintain optimal health and quality of life, their immune systems need to be supported and protected. NK-9 stimulates the cells of the immune system into a more wakeful state, allowing for a boost in overall health.
  • SUPPORTS PEAK CELL ACTIVITY – NK-9 activates a class of white blood cells called Natural Killer (NK) cells that protect the immune system from harmful invaders. It also supports peak activity of other key immune white blood cells, like T-cells, B-cells, and macrophages, which provide better immune support as well as help balance a chaotic immune system due to their strong adaptogen and immunomodulator abilities.
  • IMPRESSIVE STUDY RESULTS – A study performed by veterinarians at Nihon University, Japan’s largest university, showed NK cell and macrophage activity almost tripling in dogs taking NK-9… all in just seven days!
  • QUICK, SAFE, & EFFECTIVE – No need for harsh and expensive medications. With NK-9, you can see results fast without any harmful side effects, making it a favorite remedy for vets and pet owners alike.

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